Who we are

At Lumos, we aim to open doors for talented individuals in various fields. For musicians, our goal is to connect them with prestigious bands and major stages. Aspiring actors will find opportunities to collaborate with significant production companies, television shows, and the cinema industry. Singers with beautiful voices will be linked to major music production companies, presenting them with opportunities in the world of singing.

For Talents

Lumos is a Turkish-Arab start-up company based in Istanbul that strives to empower Arab and foreign talents, guiding them towards their dreams of achieving greatness. This initiative was born out of the realization that the Turkish market had failed to adequately support and recognize the potential of Arab talents.

For Production Companies

Lumos not only assists production companies in efficiently accessing Arab and foreign talents but also provides a well-rounded and skilled technical staff, including dancers, actors, singers, and musicians. Our professionalism and orderliness ensure a seamless workflow process.

Why Lumos

Diversity and inclusivity lie at the heart of Lumos. Our talent selection process is all-encompassing, considering backgrounds, races, ages, and abilities because we believe true talent knows no boundaries. We foster a nurturing environment for our talents, investing in their success and growth, and offering mentoring opportunities for professional development. Building long-term relationships and continuous support are integral to our commitment to each individual’s journey.

Lumos Vision

Our vision at Lumos is to move forward collaboratively with production partners and talented individuals, working together to achieve shared goals. We aspire to uplift and support existing talents in all categories, elevating their knowledge and skills to present their abilities to the world in the most captivating manner possible.

Visitor Protocol

At Lumos, we uphold an inclusive and accepting environment, refraining from promoting any racial, ethnic, political, or religious ideologies. Our sole focus is on talent, regardless of political backgrounds, religious beliefs, or ethnic origins. Every person within the Lumos family is recognized as a human being with the right to express their opinions and beliefs freely. Lumos respects the individual choices of its members without necessarily adopting or endorsing those beliefs or ideas.